Fiddle player/violinist/vocalist

Charismatic and boundless creativity, Ursula Schultz is a versatile artist known for her expertise in the fiddle. With a magnetic charm and a penchant for spontaneous expression, Schultz blends Celtic and French Canadian melodies with elements of pop and hip-hop, creating a unique musical fusion. Her innovative approach breathes new life into traditional and contemporary compositions, showcasing her progressive outlook on music. Schultz's performances have taken her to a variety of settings, from the Arctic to the Caribbean. Throughout her career, she has shared the stage with music legends such as Pink, Daddy Yankee, Vince Joy, Xavier Rudd, and has graced prestigious events attended by influential individuals like Richard Branson, Prince William, Kate Middleton, Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, Keanu Reeves, and Tom Cruise. Schultz has captivated audiences at international festivals, concert halls, and exclusive gatherings, collaborating with renowned Canadian bands like Twin Flames, Craig Cardiff, Jerry Cans, and Keith Glass. She has left a lasting impression on iconic Canadian venues like Parliament Hill, the National Arts Centre, and the Canadian Folk Music Awards, while also gaining recognition on platforms like Much Music and CBC. Schultz's love for music has taken her on a musical journey across Canada and beyond, performing in major cities and exotic locations. 


2018 - Awarded: Native American Music Awards - Folk Album of the year- Twin Flames

2018 - Nominated: Native American Music Awards - Record of the Year-Twin Flames 

2018 -Nominated: Native American Music Awards - Song of the Year (Rise Up)- Twin Flames

2018 - Nominated: Native American Music Awards - Best Americana Recording-Twin Flames 

2018 - Nominated: Native American Music Awards - Best Music Video Recording Performance “Broke Down Ski’Tuuq- Twin Flames

2017 - Nominated: Canadian Folk Music Awards, World Group of the Year-Twin Flames 

2017 - Nominated: Teweikan Music Awards, Best Folk Band-Twin Flames



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